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Our Story

The Story Behind Andy's Knick-Knack

During the early months of the unprecedented time of the pandemic COVID19 the world was shaken by surprise.  Because of this economic downturn, people either lost jobs, their lifelong businesses and most importantly their health let alone losing loved ones and those at-risk was unthinkable.


Because of the lockdowns and safety concerns family, friends and others have not been eating healthy as they used to.  Striving to keep themselves healthy to prevent getting sick from COVID19 is an even bigger challenge.  

This uncertain time makes us all vulnerable and very concerned about others and ourselves especially if we are taking care of others we must take care of ourselves first. 

They want to eat right but the hassle to put the right amount of ingredients together can be time-consuming and stressful to always have to think what ingredients to add for cooking with the right dosage or they can't get ingredients at the stores. It made us sad and helpless. ​

How can we help to make their lives easier?  We began to brainstorm.  How can eating habits be changed to include ingredients that can keep us in good health were the questions and concern we had. That’s when we looked into what we consumed on a daily basis. Rice came to our mind knowing that so many like us would not have their meals without rice. 


But how can we turn a plain white rice that we consume everyday to something that is healthier by adding some healthy ingredients?


Where our Inspiration came from:

Andy's grandma being very holistic had always fed her family with rice ginger soup, herbs and little chunks of chicken because she believed that when we feel ill it is because our body is telling us that it needs to heal and so for that we must listen to our body and respect its needs.  Life is a stage.  We must take away foods that do not help heal in times of sickness but to eat only the foods that do. She used the ancient traditional way with alternative medicines and healing foods.


Following a lifelong tradition our family always uses rice porridge with ginger and herbs with no hesitation whenever the slightest onset of a sniffle of a cold preventing flu-like symptoms.

Sunny Rice was Born


In the late fall of 2020, from some friends and families near and afar told us that they were not feeling well and wished that they had ginger to make rice soup. Because of the stores closed during this hardship, I offered to send them ginger. They said not to bother, it was too much a hassle..and during lockdown they would not be getting packages and mail that easy. 

Inspired by Andy's love for yellow rice several attempts were made with the recipe to include tumeric then in November 2020 we trademarked "Andy's Knick-Knack, LLC“ and "Sunny Rice” was born. Among the ingredients that have healing properties included ginger and onion, tumeric and garlic powders.  We thought that with just about 1/4 cup of that Sunny Rice mix can be made into a rice porridge, just add lots of water and a few chunks of chicken to turn 1/4 cup of this mix into a delicious healthy meal. For some, perhaps topped with chopped spring onions and coriander leaves can definitely add the aroma. So deliciously healthy!


Finally, we have been telling our family and friends because we care we have the “Sunny Rice” made with ingredients well sought out already in it that you don’t have to worry about where to get them or how much spices to put in to make it a perfect beautiful healthy sunny rice to go with any dishes or simply make rice porridge with it.  From now on all you have to do is just pour the mix in a cooker. 


We hope you enjoy our Seasons Mix as well. Our products are non-GMO and organic and our mission is to see you stay healthy and well.

We wish you and your family and friends good health, stay well, safe and happy.

With Love & Care,


Andy & Malissa

Andy’s Knick-Knack, LLC

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